Incredible Modular Powersocket !


Not like any other Powerstrip.

Modular Powersocket design lets you try a variety of different power options. Conveniently follow any shape while customizing the style and amount of functions you want and it comes out from your 3D-Printer.

Discover more flexible and fun power options than a standard power strip can offer. Build a Modular Powersocket set that is as sleek as all your devices, fun and colorful, and fully equipped to handle your heavy power needs.

Choose between a growing variety of modules and many different colors.
Add on the Single, Slight Bend or Hard Bend module to handle your basic electrical needs.
Snap on the Smart module to seamlessly control and communicate with all your plugged-in devices.
And if you want your Powersocket to have even more power functions, simply add on more modules.

As our collection of electronic devices continues to grow, so does our need for more outlets and wireless power options. Modular Powersocket grows with your specific power needs no more, no less. Enjoy having just the right amount of outlets and power functions. Forget about all those power strips, cords and adaptors that would just end up as electrical waste.

The Future is ours, while you get the most out of your 3D-Printer

We want to work with you to develop new power modules that will suit your specific power needs in the office, at home, in the studio, at school, and on the road. That's why we will create an open source platform that will allow enthusiasts, fellow developers and companies to collaborate with us on new modules.
Anything is possible! Already have a great idea for one? Get in touch, we would love to hear it!

Email us at and we'll get back to you with more details on how we can work together.


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2019 Incredible Modular Socket
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